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Children's Spook Wetsuit

Children's Spook Wetsuit

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The most flexible suit in its class.

Flexibility is everything to swimming performance and efficiency. Highly visible, great flexibility, suppleness, fit and comfort. Advanced design, performance tear-resistant materials and handcrafted quality build with all key seams taped for extra strength.

Yonda’s Spook is the perfect first-time suit for those who want to get out into the wild, have fun and enjoy open-water swimming. This suit comes at a great price but doesn’t compromise on build, durability, comfort or performance.
As swimmers, we understand the needs of the wild/open water swimmer and wanted to give you a suit where safety and comfort were at the top of the list. The Spook enables you to stand out in a crowd and in rough wild landscapes so you can be easily spotted. No other suit in this class will give you such amazing flexibility allowing you to swim the way you want to without getting aching arms and shoulders.

Hugely practical, the Spook can also be used for surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking, etc

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