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Men's Dominator Swimskin

Men's Dominator Swimskin

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Our plain black ‘Dominator’ swimskin has been developed using the fastest, most efficient hydrophobic fabric in the world. The ‘Dominator’ uses an ultra high tech warp knit, high compression, hydrophobic fabric, made from Teflon water repellent yarn, so the Teflon is actually part of the fabric rather than just coated. Therefore, the Teflon is permanent and will not wash out over time. The ‘Dominator’ has a dull, matt finish, which not only improves its efficiency, but also gives it an impressive dark quality and super cool appearance.


  • Reduces wasted energy
  • Improves stroke efficiency up to 4.5 seconds per 100m (tested by Craig Stevenson at Vitfor)
  • Gives the fastest possible swim without a wetsuit.
  • Reverse rear zip to prevent opponants grappling with your zipper to slow you down mid swim


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