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Women's Spectre Wetsuit

Women's Spectre Wetsuit

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Won ‘Best on Test’ and ‘Best Value’ in 220 Triathlon Magazine in 2021.

Incorporates exceptional build quality, flexibility and speed at an affordable price point.

The Spectre is aimed at first timers to triathlon and open water swimming who are looking for a high quality, but affordable first wetsuit. This wetsuit maintains key features of the award-winning Ghost 3 wetsuit at an affordable price!



     Front Panel Air Cell Technology

    ·        For ultimate buoyancy and an optimized body position– improves power transfer from hips to shoulders and enhances each stroke propulsive force reducing surface friction.


    V-Force Flex System

    ·      Great mobility provided freedom of movement.

    ·      Flexibility in the arms, over the shoulders


    Slippy Wetsuit Lining

    ·   ·    For lightning- fast transitions


    Pull up Reverse Zipper

    ·      Easy to get in and out of the wetsuit without assistance and quick in transition.

        Neoprene Thickness:

         Body: 4.5m

         Side: 1.5mm

         Legs: 2.5mm

         Arms: 1.5mm

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