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Men's Ghost 3 Wetsuit

Men's Ghost 3 Wetsuit

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·      Most premium performance-based race wetsuit on the market!

·      High-end racing wetsuit designed for maximum flexibility, performance and efficiency.

·      Winner of the 220 Triathlon Magazine ‘Best on Test’ award in 2021.

·      Handcrafted tailoring for quality, comfort, durability, and strength.


Front Panel Air Cell Technology

·         For ultimate buoyancy and an optimized body position– improves power transfer from hips to shoulders and enhances each stroke propulsive force reducing surface friction.

Arm Panelling 

·         Polyamide Lycra swimsuit fabric designed to deliver dynamic flexibility and in water ‘feel’ that will give you the ultimate swim experience.

Slippy Wetsuit Lining

·          For lightning- fast transitions

Pull up Reverse Zipper

·        Easy to get in and out of the wetsuit without assistance and quick in transition.


Neoprene Thickness:

Body: 4.5mm

Side: 1.5mm

Legs: 2.5mm

Arms: 1.5mm

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