Yorkshire born business, Yonda Sports have enjoyed a rise to fame in the Open Water Swimming circles and amongst some great names in triathlon across the globe. Supporting RLSS on their Pool to Pond safety incentive, Yonda are fast becoming the ‘go to’ brand for swimmers wanting to find out about the best wetsuit for them and their performance, how to get correctly fitted to their suit as well as aftercare to ensure that you get the most out of your Yonda wetsuit. Whether you’re new to swimming and want to try the Spectre or Spirit, or you’re more advanced and want to try the award winning, Outdoor Swimmer magazine’s Best on Test Ghost 2 wetsuit.

It could be some of this noise which caught the attention of triathletes Pierre Le Corre and Emilie Morier. Pierre and Emilie are both part of the French selection of 4 men and 4 women who are identify as the “French olympic collectif” and will be training in the Yonda wetsuit up to and in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, with only 3 places up for grabs in the 2020 Olympic Team, and very high performance standards among the French athletes… the next season is going to be intense to secure their spot!




When Pierre first tried the Ghost wetsuit in training he said:

“I was very surprised with the flexibility and efficiency of the suit. No water is getting inside, the buoyancy is perfect and I feel I can be faster, producing less effort”






Emilie told us:

“It’s crazy how comfortable I feel in the suit, almost feeling like I am swimming without a suit on at all.  No pressure on the neck nor the shoulders, it means I am able to have my natural stroke, without constraints”




In August, both athletes attended the Tokyo Test Event, but due to the heat and humidity raced without a suit. At the end of the Test Event, they both finished with satisfying results in the individual race (12th for Emilie, 8th for Pierre), and were the first French female/male on the race. In the relay Emilie wasn’t selected, but Pierre was part of the team who claimed Gold in front of GBR and USA after a very tight race (and a crazy sprint finish!)

In 2019, both triathletes have been seeing great results racing in and wearing the Ghost 2 wetsuit. At WTS Leeds in June, Pierre came 5th out of the water among a crazy competitive field (and finished 8th overall). Emilie also won her first ITU World Cup in Madrid in May, which was her first race wearing the Yonda suit. She was also crowned World Champion in the Mixed Relay in Hamburg in July. Both athletes have commented on how they’re both able to remove the Ghost 2 suit super quickly at transition, where every second counts, especially on the mixed relay.

Founder and Owner of Yonda Sports, Angus Greenwood said “It’s a huge honour to have these athletes endorsing Yonda and recognising that we are trying and succeeding in being a little different. It is my passion and goal to create not only the fastest and most flexible suits but to also create a suit that stands up well to the rigours of competitive racing.  Each year we are getting better and better and know we make the best all round suits in the world.  We don’t cut corners and listen to our customers and adapt year on year. 2020 is going to be a huge year for us and I have a huge amount of respect for French triathlon and will soon have another exciting announcement to make”.

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If you would like to find out more about Pierre Le Corre, you can find and follow him on social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This weekend, Pierre is taking part to the World Triathlon Series grand Finale, the most competitive field and toughest bike course of the year! He ranked 4th last year and is willing to do just as well if not better.

You can also keep up to date with Emilie’s training on Instagram and Facebook. Emilie is taking part in the U23 World Championship on Friday 30th August. Being number 1 on the start line in the individual race, she is eager to fight for the title! Emilie will be facing Yonda GB Girls Kate Waugh and Olivia Mathias as main contenders! Watch this space!!