Wetsuit Rentals

Hire a premium wetsuit (UK postcodes only)

We are delighted to offer some of our wetsuits for hire and you can choose from –  Spook or Spectre for Open Water swimming / triathlon and Spook Swim Run or Ghost Swim Run wetsuit for the fast growing Swim Run market. Suits will be brand new for anyone ordering a suit for 2+ months.

We wanted to make hiring our wetsuits easy and also give you ample time to get used to the suit before your event or race. Simply decide on which month(s) you want your wetsuit for and book in advance by highlighting the calendar months on this page. Suits will be sent out in the first 2 working days of each calendar month by next day courier and must be received back by the last working day of the calendar month. Highlight on the calendar the month(s) you want to hire the suit for and add to basket. Hiring a suit for 2 or more months will bring the overall monthly rental cost down.

You can also extend the time you want to hire the wetsuit by popping back online before the end of the month and highlight the month(s) you want to keep the suit for and again add to basket and checkout.

If you love your wetsuit so much you want to keep it that’s no problem, just send us an email to and let us know before the end of the months hire, or if we don’t receive the suit back by the 3rd day of the following month we will presume you want to keep it and we will NOT refund your deposit.


How To Rent

Renting one of our wetsuits is easy. Pick your product below, choose how many months you would like to rent for, choose when you want your rental to start and checkout! easy as 1-2-3


Rental Terms

Review our rental terms to understand our commitment to each other to ensure your rental is hassle free.

Terms & Conditions

Love it?

Love your Yonda wetsuit? No problem, give us a call before your rental period is up and we can give you a great offer to keep it.