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2021 Ghost 3- Women's Wetsuit
2021 Ghost 3- Women's Wetsuit
2021 Ghost 3- Women's Wetsuit
2021 Ghost 3- Women's Wetsuit
2021 Ghost 3- Women's Wetsuit

2021 Ghost 3- Women’s Wetsuit


Feel like swimming in Skins but with the advantages of neoprene. Designed to deliver dynamic flexibility and in water ‘feel’ that will give you the ultimate swim experience.

Introducing our most technically advanced, performance/race wetsuit ever! The most flexible swimming wetsuit ever created the Ghost 3 uses nothing but the best materials available on earth.

Shoulder  / arms construction using 1.5mm 45 cell gives you the most flexible neoprene available today

Body construction using 4.5mm 40 Cell Aerodome optimises body position and buoyancy, further enhancing stroke efficiency.

Handcrafted tailoring for quality, comfort, durability and strength

Lightning fast transitions thanks to our unique easy off “slippy” lining.


The all-new 2020 Ghost 3 is the most performance enhancing and flexible wetsuit Yonda have ever built. We have designed the ultimate performance wetsuit that optimizes your body position and works with your body (not against it) delivering an unparalleled feeling as you cut through the water.

Known for its unrivalled flexibility the Ghost 3 improves power transfer from hips to shoulders and enhances each stroke propulsive force reducing surface friction.

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