Introducing The Yonda Yulex Range

For those who want to swim in warmth with the knowledge that they are having a minimal impact on the environment we present our range made from Yulex.

Yulex is made from 100% pure natural rubber, plus with a 100% recycled lining.

Check out the full collection below plus more information on Yulex.

For Swimmers in Design & Name

Yonda collaborated with swimmers here in the UK when creating out Yulex range.

To pay homage to those who had input into the design each piece is named after those who contributed.

Made from Trees. Made for You.

Made from Trees

The Yulex products are derived from renewable rubber tree forests, which reduces our reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Recycled Lining

Our Yulex range features a 100% recycled polyester lining with 99% of impurities removed.

Collapsible row

Our Yulex range has a great variety of different cuts, with the option of short, long or non arm and bikini cut, hot pants or shorts for the legs.