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What's all the fuss about a changing robe?

The weather is finally warming up and Spring is in the air! Are you ready to get back in the water after a winter break? Lots of us are enjoying the benefits of social swimming in the great outdoors, boosting our general well-being and mental health, so now is the time to get your kit and get ready to take the plunge! At Yonda we are keen to encourage everyone to take up swimming our wetsuits are available in sizes XS – XXXXL and use sustainable neoprene. Whether you prefer to swim in a costume or wetsuit one thing we all need pre and post swim is to be warm and dry! We have been busy designing changing robes to suit how and when you swim – indeed with our NEW weather proof outdoor changing robe you may even want to wear it to walk the dog or spectate on the weekend touchlines! Our changing robes are roomy enough to get changed in privacy and waterproof and windproof ensuring that you stay warm when outdoors.

What’s all the fuss about a changing robe?

  Unisex YonchoYou’ve probably driven to your local swim spot and then it’s a quick change before entering the water, post swim you’re exhilarated and don’t want to lose that feeling, so a changing robe is the best option for quickly warming you up and helping you change in privacy! The Yonda robes or Yonchos (see what we did there!), have been designed depending on the season and type of sport you do. Our fleece lining dries your skin after a swim and helps keep you warm. You can feel comfortable getting a wetsuit, swim or tri kit on or off easily, while staying fully protected from the elements.     These are our key Yoncho features:
  • Long or short sleeve options
  • Synthetic lambs wool lining
  • Fleece lined external pockets and hood with elastic zip pulls
  • Phone/MP3 player zip pocket with earphone opening
  • 2 way reversible zip and waterproof seams
  • 100% Waterproof and windproof outer fabric.
  • Waterproof A4 size internal storage pocket for storing your dry clothes ready for use.
  Here at Yonda we know our customers may be social swimmers or triathlon addicts so we’ve created 3 key robes to suit your needs.     Winter Yoncho Our short sleeve option helps you do a fast change when competing or indeed changing post swim in the back of the car. Whilst the long sleeve gives you added warmth and weatherproofing – it can be chilly on the beach or banks of the lake!         Yonda Yoncho Come the heady days of summer when the joy of water sports really come to the fore, we’ve thought about your needs and designed the Yoncho Lite a super short sleeved towelling robe. Indeed, Outdoor Swimmer magazine recommend the Yoncho Lite as one of the best changing robes on the market!        

Of course, once you’ve bought your Yoncho send us a picture, we love to see you & our products in action!

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