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What do I need to start open water swimming?

There is a fantastic buzz around open water swimming. Open-water swimming became a huge trend during lockdown, and it continues to gain popularity.


What is open-water swimming, and why has it become so popular?

Open water swimming also referred to as wild swimming or lake swimming, is all about enjoying a swim in the great outdoors. It’s not only a great opportunity to take in your surroundings but there are also a host of benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing.

With an increasing interest in wellness, many people have taken up open-water swimming to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, help with muscle aches and pains, boost their immune system, improve metabolism and ease menopause symptoms.


What kit do I need to start open-water swimming?

When it comes to open-water swimming, wild swimmers can choose between swimsuits or wetsuits. The choice depends on personal preference, but also the time of year!


Finding the right wetsuit for you

A wetsuit is a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re swimming in the UK as the water will be a little chilly. A wetsuit can give you warmth, buoyancy and protection when in open water swimming.

Our Spook wetsuit is the perfect first wetsuit for those who want to get out and enjoy open water swimming. This wetsuit supports you with extra buoyancy to help you gain more confidence in the water. The colour blocking also enables you to be seen when swimming, a key safety feature.


Open water swimming in a swimsuit

You may have seen some wild swimmers brave the cold waters in just a swimming costume and a bobble hat. This allows you to feel the water and move more freely. Be sure to acclimatise to the temperature of the water slowly to avoid shock.


Swim cap for wild swimmers

A silicone swim cap will keep you warm and help you be spotted in the water. Our high-quality, high-grade silicone cap is available in 7 colours, including neon green, bright pink, orange and white. All these colours will help you remain visible in the water.

Our Ice Cap also has thermal properties to prevent heat escaping from your head and keep you comfortable when swimming. It uses the latest technologies to ensure ultra-high thermal insulation.


Neoprene gloves and booties for open water swimming

These are the key to keeping your extremities warm so you can relax and enjoy your wild swim. A neoprene bootie that fits snugly will insulate against the cold water. The textured outsole also provides traction to protect your feet in rocky waters.

The same applies to your hands; a well-designed neoprene glove will deliver maximum warmth and allow you to maintain your stroke. The materials used to create our gloves and booties are all eco-friendly, we use a sustainable limestone neoprene in our products.


Yonda Sports is a great one-stop shop to get all your kit together. Check out our bundle offers to get you started.


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