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Triathlon training over the winter months

For a triathlete, training doesn’t stop because it’s getting a bit cooler outside. A triathlete will most likely aim to stay in peak fitness all year round and continually build towards the next race. Whether that means a taking trip abroad to train in another climate, or adapting a training plan in the UK, Yonda Sports have put together some tips for training during the winter months.

Mental health matters, think macrocyle.

As competitions and events tail off in the autumn months, it can be easy to start to feel discouraged and struggle to find the motivation to keep training. However, a 12 month training plan will help you to stay focused and keep fit. Exercise, diet and lifestyle is directly linked to mental health. Therefore stay strong and stay on focus – don’t let bad habits set in.

Girl ready to swimSwim

Swimming in winter can become challenging for triathletes as the darker mornings and evenings draw in. Stay warm when you visit areas for outdoor swimming with wearing thermals under your wetsuit and consider a fleecy changing robe. Yonda Sports make a light and heavy changing robe that you can find here. If you prefer to swim in the pool, along with your usual interval training and time drills, why not try a building strength with a 1000m pull set using hand paddles?


One of the joys of riding a bike is getting outdoors and exploring different routes and terrains. A training bike may not offer the same benefits of dealing with inclines and steed downhills. However, riding a bike indoors or on a turbo can help you to manage your technique. Consider working on your form and a high cadence to keep your endurance up.


A treadmill doesn’t quite compare to running outdoors, however it does give you the opportunity to run consistently for a period of time and build your stamina. Treadmill training can also highlight occasions where you might be over striding and remind you to maintain good form on your run. If you can’t wait to get outside to continue your running training, try trail running to avoid icy paths and slippy surfaces. Running on uneven terrain can help to strengthen the ankles and introduce different inclines to your routine.

Quick tips for winter training

  • Maintain strength in the legs by hitting the leg press at the gym
  • Don’t forget to build your core strength with planks, sit ups and pull ups
  • Remember to enjoy your training! Embrace the rain and go for a run when it’s raining
  • Stay hydrated. Even though it’s cooler, your body will still be sweating so take a drink with you.

Top tips provided by our Yondaletes:

Harrison EdwardsAthlete in wetsuit running in the Yorkshire Moore's says; "Slow everything down - try slowing the speed of your sessions down and focus on the distance or length of time you're running for. This is usually more achievable in winter as you can stay cooler for longer and not overheat on those longer runs. Find a friend, local canal or loop and aim to build your endurance." "Keep the boredom away by joining a triathlon or cycling club. Finding a coach or using a training planner to structure your sessions is really encouraging to stay motivated during the winter months. This can increase motivation and reduce stress as you know exactly what you have to do. It can also be useful for those session you are training alone or indoors." "Start your sessions with lightweight layers you can easily remove. Leave the door feeling slightly cold, as once you start your session you will soon warm up. Also, remember to warm up as you will be cold and this will reduce risk or injury - take 10 minutes to jog nearby home before heading out."   Plasticscouse says;
  • Training with others certainly helps and gives you accountability and not wanting to let others down. Plenty of time outdoors when the weather allows, always helps me as well"
Yonda Sports is looking to introduce new products for winter 2021 which will accentuate and aid your training plan. Follow Yonda on social media for the latest news and updates.
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