Triathlon Clubs: Guaranteed to Push Your Limits!

If you’re ready to set yourself a challenge this year, why not try a triathlon?

They’re immense fun, you could meet new friends, it will require a lot of hard work but my word - that feeling at the end is worth it!

Wherever you are in the UK, hunt down your nearest tri club. Here are a few suggestions from Yonda. If you're not already a fan of Yonda, we specialise in the design and manufacture of wetsuits, tri suits and custom kit which is specifically designed to maximise a triathletes performance. Once you have your Yonda, and have your club, there's no stopping you! 

1. Edinburgh Triathletes, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Triathletes ranked second in the 2017 Triathlon Scotland’s Legend Series and are one of the largest clubs in Scotland. Their members and their dedication to the sport make this club one to try. Swimming, running and cycling all feature in the weekly training schedule as well as a bit of Pilates!  Visit Edinburghtri.org to find out more

2. Clapham Chasers, London

You will find more than 500 members at this London based club! Considering it was originally formed as a running club, they’ve certainly come a long way. There’s a well-known rivalry between Clapham Chasers and Fulham Ful-on Tri – so chose your side carefully!

In 2017, the Chasers ranked 26th worldwide (eighth in Europe and first in the UK). Check them out - Claphamchasers.co.uk

3. Leeds and Bradford Triathlon Club, Leeds

Our friends over in Leeds are bringing some serious game to the triathlon world and the Leeds and Bradford Triathlon club is considered one of the best clubs in Yorkshire. Recently boosted by the Brownlee brothers (as they’re also local to us!) they’re growing in popularity and size.  

Not our words: the Leeds and Bradford club has been called the best tri club in the UK in 2017 by the triathlon magazine 220 Triathlon. Its Head Coach, Simon Ward, who helped to discover the Brownlees, has already won the '220 Triathlon Coach of the Year award' three times. Find out more at - Lbt.org.uk

4. Cardiff Triathletes, Cardiff

Arguably one of the oldest clubs in the UK, Cardiff Triathletes has been around since 1984 and likes to keep things simple! You can join for just £22 (half price for students, unemployed and over 60s, or £25 for the social membership) and demonstrates an easy and fun way to get into the sport. The weekly training schedule includes three swimming sessions (open water in the summer from May to September), two cycling sessions (one turbo session in the winter) and one interval run session per week. Cardifftri.net

5. Serpentine, London

If you already have an interest in triathlon, you’ve probably heard of Serpentine. The running and triathlon club is well known across the UK for its more than 1600 members which includes adults, children and juniors. If you’re looking to get your child into triathlon and need a place to start, Serpentine has been awarded with the British Triathlon Star Mark for its excellence in coaching, sport ethics, health and safety and club management. Find out more - Serpentine.org.uk

6. BAD Tri Club, Bristol

Not just because we like the name, the BAD (Bristol and District) tri club is also ace because it’s coached by volunteers who dedicate their free time to the triathlon cause. There are four swim squads that train at different times of the day which makes the swim training more enjoyable and effective for the athletes (the squads are divided according to the athletes' speeds). Learn more about BAD here - Secure.badtri.org

 7. Wakefield Tri Club, Wakefield

Our most local club and based at the easily accessible Pugneys Country Park this club is big, friendly and caters for all types and has great coaches and club events all year round.  They have a big junior section so a great club for families.

There are summer and winter interclub series as well as a ladies series and members come from all over the North.  Take a look at them at – wakefieldtriclub.co.uk

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