Top Tips for Training in the Sunshine

Triathlete Harrison Rolls-King has shared with us (to share with you) some Top Tips for training in the sunshine and how to remain cool and still train in the summer months. 
As temperatures this week sore beyond 30ºC, we all could do with a little help staying cool, so take a read below:
Top Tips: 
  1. Hydration - when training or racing for two hours or longer, use two bottles - one with water and another with electrolyte drink or squash. This will help maintain hydration and replace the salts that you're sweating out whilst training. 
  2. Ice cold Hydration - a method that I have found to be really useful is half freezing water in a water bottle. This way it keeps your water super cool and starts to melt during the first hour of your ride or run. Try it!
  3. Take full advantage of swimming non-wetsuit. This one might not be one that Angus or Yonda are overly keen on... But the sea on the south coast has been fantastic recently and reaching temperatures above 20ºC. However, if you're not really one to venture out of your wetsuit but also getting rather warm in the water; give the Yonda Aero Swim Jammers a try. They give you a similar body position to a wetsuit but still able to stay nice and cool in this warm weather!
  4. MILK! Often used by many as a post training drink, high in protein and carbohydrate in the form of lactose and rehydrates better than water. 
  5. Heat Acclamation - The heat is not your enemy! Although the human body is complex and loves to maintain a consistent core temperature; this is challenged during prolonged exercise and exacerbated by training for long periods in the heat. Training for a short duration (less than 1 hour) at a low to moderate intensity can stimulate adaptations to help your body cope with the heat. 
Got more tips of your own?! Share them with your fellow athletes on the Tri Over Yonda Facebook Group.
Additionally, I have decided not to race London Triathlon on the 4th/5th August, Instead I will be racing a standard distance event at Bewl Water Open water and Triathlon weekend (4th/5th August). Last year I won the sprint distance event and am excited to be returning to a great course and event. I have also been given the opportunity to race at SouthWater Triathlon Relay championships (elite format) with some of my training group at the start of September. 
Hope you're all able to keep training and also enjoying the weather.
Harrison Rolls-King 
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