Top Tips for the Swim in a Triathlon Race

Top Tips for the Swim in a Triathlon Race

With race season well and truly underway we hope that your training is going to plan as Race Day comes into focus.

We've put together a short blog outlining some key top tips for the swim on triathlon race day. We hope this helps for your upcoming races!

  1. Course Familiarisation and Conditions

Ensure to familiarise yourself with the swim course, including location of the buoys, turns and any potential hazards. Ensure to check the water conditions, including the temperature, currents and visibility and adjust your strategy accordingly.

  1. Avoid trying anything new on race day

 Ensure to wear the same equipment that you have been practising in. Use the same wetsuit and the same goggles that you have been doing your training in.  Make sure your goggles fit well and are anti-fog treated. Bring a spare pair in case of emergencies.

  1. Positioning and Pacing

Position yourself based on your comfort and skill level. Begin at a controlled pace to avoid burning out early. Gradually settle into your race pace. Another tip is to set up your watch to help you keep track of your pacing on a longer swim!

  1. Sighting

Sight every few strokes to ensure you’re on course. Lift your head slightly, look forward, and then return to your regular stroke. It is important to practice sighting in training to minimize disruption to your rhythm.

  1. Drafting

Draft behind or alongside another swimmer to conserve energy. Practice drafting techniques during your training sessions.

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