Sustainability and Yonda

Yonda are an innovative brand that is always learning and adapting. As such, we’re always looking to make more sustainable decisions and to reduce our carbon footprint in any way we can. By trying to be more environmentally conscious is something that is important to our team and we aim to strive to make positive changes in all of our products. Using sustainable materials and working with manufacturers is one way that we can make more conscious decisions for our products. Yonda value the importance of using sustainable materials and we see it as something that all swimwear brands should try to do. We view sustainability as our standard, not as a fashion trend.

Our Mission

Yonda was founded in 2014 with a vision to be more than ‘just another wetsuit brand’. We use technology, source the best textiles, and listen to our customers. All while crafting comfortable, flexible wetsuits and multi sportswear. Our heart is in the community we’re building with our valued customers and contacts that have become friends over the years. Our mission is to inform, educate, assist and support YOUR spirit of adventure in all things swimming, cycling and running. Our passion is your passion.

Our Materials

Our wetsuit materials are made from 100% limestone which is a more sustainable material than any other neoprene. The limestone is sourced from Mt. Kurohime which stores several billion tons of the purest limestone. Yonda use YAMAMOTO in the manufacturing process due to their efforts to become a more environmentally friendly manufacturer. YAMAMOTO neoprene is regarded as the most premium neoprene on the market and aligns with our commitment to reducing our own carbon footprint and emissions. We want our customers to invest in great quality products, that last a long time and to ensure they get the best results during their training.

Sustainable swimming

YAMAMOTO rubber incorporates flexibility, strength, and durability into every wetsuit, ensuring the person wearing a Yonda wetsuit receives the highest levels of warmth and comfort in the water. Using YAMAMOTO rubber in all Yonda wetsuits and swim accessories allows the products to last longer meaning it’s the most eco-friendly purchase. Yonda have partnered with Tri Wetsuit Hire to encourage a more sustainable way of swimming. By being able to rent or hire a wetsuit, rather than buy a wetsuit, you’re able to find the right suit for you and not waste money on a wetsuit that doesn’t stand the test of time. Try a Yonda Spook wetsuit with Tri Wetsuit Hire by visiting their website, here.

Yonda Cares

Sustainable Yonda packagingAt Yonda, we understand the impact that single use plastic has had on our environment and the affects it has on climate change. The team at Yonda also reviewed how we can create and use less plastic in our packaging. We switched to plastic free packaging and use tissue paper in our boxes. The packaging you receive your Yonda wetsuit in is biodegradable – meaning that’s less waste going to landfill. For the seams of our wetsuits, Yonda use a water based glue, which contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This means that the water-based adhesives used by Yonda, are not harmful to people or the environment.
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