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Sitting down with Mr Yonda

So, we managed to put some time aside to sit down with Yonda owner / founder Angus Greenwood (aka Mr Yonda) to speak to him more about upcoming plans for the business in 2020 and some great stuff that we know our Yondaletes will want to know about. Q: Angus, thank you for sitting down with me today – how are you? A: Great thanks! It’s a good time to sit down with you and reflect over the last 12 months and also look ahead as we are now hard at work planning for 2020. There are so many exciting things ahead to talk about (although I can’t reveal too much otherwise it would ruin the surprise!). But I can say that we have some top-level partnerships and some ground breaking technology coming in all our new wetsuits! Watch this space... Q: Oh, sounds exciting. What do you think 2019 has taught you that you’ll be taking into 2020? A: Well, we have been so inundated this year with requests to visit lakes all over the UK (and abroad) and we just haven’t been to get around to everyone. So in 2020 we will be more targeted and some of our loyal lakes will get more demo suits so there is no need to wait for the Yondamobile! We are also going to be sponsoring some mass participation events and taking the Yondamobile into Europe!  We are excited to be new partners of Issy Triathlon, France who have such a great attitude towards triathlon.   Q: You mentioned Issy / French Triathlon there, which sounds like it will be really interesting. Can you tell us a bit more about this? A: Yes, Issy is one of the top teams on the French Grand Prix circuit and I am delighted to be supplying them with Ghost 2 wetsuits. They have high calibre athletes such as Emilie Morier and our own Kate Waugh. They also have great family values and such a positive attitude towards bringing through young talent. Since the Tour de France in 2013 which came to Yorkshire and subsequently the Tour de Yorkshire we have a great affiliation and respect for French athletes here in Yorkshire so I am keen to keep that strong bond. They have even invited me to join the club so I had better make yet another one of my many comebacks and try squeeze into my wetsuit. I used to be a MT but somehow its now ML!! Q: I can see this being really inspiring to some of the younger and aspiring athletes getting into triathlon. Do you think that this will help them to find role models and get them into schemes such as Yonda Alliance and the Ambassador schemes? A: This is a very important thing to me personally. I was so lucky to have a privileged childhood and I think it’s crucial we open up this exciting but expensive sport to those who don’t get the same advantages as many of us. I am already working with a number of clubs / organisations on the newly launched Yonda Alliance where I know we will be able to ensure kids are able to borrow suits for free and see what it’s all about. I have also always been keen to help as many parents as I can. These guys are the unsung heroes and I know many parents who are at one end of the country and with their partner at the other end supporting their kids! We offer financial help for anyone racing at Academy and Talent Squad level and also even more help for Ambassadors who show an affinity with Yonda and enthusiasm with the right mind set. Sometimes it’s not all about talent! I am always happy to hear from new people and hear from them why they should be a Yonda Ambassador.   Q: It sounds like there’s such much going on at Yonda HQ and in your head! Is there anything else that we can look forward to from the business next year? A: So you want me to give my competition a 6 month head start on me? Others do try to follow! Let’s just say there are new products, better, faster and stronger with ground breaking new technology present throughout the range! Not to mention my usual focus on total flexibility. My sole aim is to be the best, not the biggest. I believe we are already there however I will never rest on my laurels and we are only at the start of this book.

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