Márk Dévay is on his way!

I'm Mark Devay 22 years old and I'm a triathlete from Hungary and I currently live in Székesfehérvár.
I have been to Loughborough a few times to train with the local squad and I have heard about the Yonda wetsuits from some guys there. They wear Yonda and tell me how it has improved their time and the flexibility in the suit helps them to cut through the water.
I spoke with Angus and I now use the Ghost wetsuit which I found it absolutely great because it comes off very quickly and allows my shoulders to move like I'm not wearing a wetsuit during the swim.
On my first race with it at Astana World Cup in 12°C water I didn't feel the water that cold and it was pretty fast like a weapon in the water. Since then, I also competed in Leeds WTS where I made it 2nd out of the water behind Richard Varga (considered the best swimmer in world triathlon) wearing Yonda, so it certainly seems to be working well for me.
I'm planning to do more World Cups this year as well as both the Elite sprint and Olympic distance European Championships and the U23 World Championships.
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Mark's Rankings:
ITU World Ranking - 78
ITU Individual Olympic Qualification Ranking 89
Duathlon Ranking 230
Regional Ranking - 9
Regional Points List -  49
Mark Devay Triathlete
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