Do you want to smash your personal records in the award-winning Ghost 3 wetsuit?

Do you want to smash your personal records in the award-winning Ghost 3 wetsuit?

Race season is here! Do you want to smash your personal records?

The Ghost 3 is Yonda’s top of the range wetsuit, designed to enhance performance, particularly in Open Water Swimming or Triathlon. The Ghost 3 is designed to maximise speed, efficiency and comfort. Here are some of the key benefits of investing in this wetsuit:

  • Optimised Body Position

Ultimate buoyancy improving power transfer from hips to shoulders and enhances each stroke propulsive force reducing surface friction. 

  • Reduced Fatigue

The buoyancy of the Ghost 3 wetsuit keeps your body position higher in the water and decreases the energy required to maintain an optimal swimming position, allowing you to conserve energy for longer or more intensive swims.

  • Smooth Surface and Streamlined Design

Designed with smooth-skin neoprene that reduces water resistance. This allows you to glide through the water more easily and at a faster pace.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

The advanced flexibility in the Ghost 3 ensures that the wetsuit moves with your body which is crucial for maintaining an efficient stroke.

  • Heat Retention

Designed to provide adequate thermal protection while still being lightweight. This balance helps to keep your muscles warm and functional without overheating, which is important in cold-water conditions.

  • Quick-Drying

The Ghost 3 wetsuit features quick-drying materials that help regulate body temperature and reduce time spent feeling cold after leaving the water.

  • Reduced Transition Times

The Ghost 3 is the easiest on and off wetsuits, perfect for triathletes who are looking for fast transition times! The Ghost 3 has a smooth slippy lining, making it easy to slip on and off and has a smooth zipper that you can undo quickly and easily.

  • Enhanced Durability

The Ghost 3 is made with high quality neoprene and reinforced seams to reduce the risk or tears and extend the lifespan of the wetsuit, providing a better return on investment.

  • Psychological Benefits

Wearing Yonda’s top of the range Ghost 3 will ensure great psychological benefits such as confidence. This comes from knowing that you have the best equipment to support your goals which will positively impact your mindset and performance in competitive situations.





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