Everything you need to know about Yonda Spirit!

Our YONDA Spirit Wetsuit was developed for the first-timers. This suite is designed to be a solid suit, with all the key elements of the award-winning YONDA Ghost. The only way it differs is the grade of neoprene. Yamamoto #38 cell is used in the chest seat and thigh. Yamamoto is the world leader in wetsuit neoprene and prides itself on quality and innovation. The torso and legs of this suit give you slightly more buoyancy through the water, again to aid those new to the sport / wanting more buoyancy, without compromising flexibility.

We believe the YONDA Spirit wetsuit rivals and exceeds many on the market for first-time triathlon athletes because of its high-performance fabric and innovative supportive features.


Here are a few of the great features of our YONDA Spirit Wetsuit…

Vector catch panel:  This hydrophobic fabric sits next to the skin to give you a great feel for the water. Unlike neoprene which prevents you feeling your catch and creates added resistance in the catch phase, this lightweight technical fabric gives you outstanding feel for the water.

Y-stretch side pane:  It has been long thought that the shoulder fabric is the most critical part on a wetsuit, however, the testing that has been done at YONDA shows the panel on the side of the suit is crucial to shoulder flexibility. This 1.5mm Yamamoto #40 is the most expensive panel on the wetsuit and unlike other brands, YONDA makes this as big as possible, from hip, up the rib-cage, and under your arm. This allows for the most movement possible in the shoulders and shows off YONDA’s ability to find new ways to re-engineer triathlon wetsuits.

Fabric: Yamamoto is the world leader in wetsuit neoprene and prides itself on quality and innovation. Super Composite Skin (SCS) is the benchmark for coating the smooth skin neoprene in triathlon wetsuits. This reduces friction and improves speed through the water. Yamamoto #39 and #40 cell are used throughout the suit to give the very best quality neoprene available.

Kick out system: This suit has been designed so you don’t need the use of baby oil or other lubricants. A super smooth fabric on the inside, allows the suit to glide off the athlete lightening quick. Extended testing challenged the suit in a real-life situation whereby the athlete put the wetsuit on, swam 100m, and could take it off all within 2 minutes. Click the link for > add this link to the video >

Reverse Zip: All YONDA suits have a reserve style zip, a mechanism that research has shown to be the most popular, where the athlete zips from the top down. Its means other athletes can’t pull your zipper down during the swim and the lanyard is close to your hands so is easy to access. The athletes just simply pull the lanyard up and when it reaches the top the Velcro tab opens with little effort.

Strength:  Historically a lot of wetsuits seams split on the hip of the suit. YONDA has developed a diagonal seam which differs from the conventional horizontal seams. The Y shape is a lot tougher as it is pulled in three directions and offloads the stress in the critical areas of the suit.


But you don’t have to hear it from us, take a look at what our YONDA Spirit Wetsuit customers say below…

“I am cursed with a long back. This makes buying anything tricky, far less a has-to-fit-like-a-glove wetsuit. Angus could not have been more helpful in helping me get the best possible fit.

A new suit was just what I need for the 70.3 Worlds in September, it worked well, and I now look forward to using my Ghost for a full season next year"

Peter, Holmfirth

To Buy or see the full specification of the YONDA Spirit wetsuit, click here.

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