Everything you need to know about the Yonda GHOST!

Our YONDA Ghost Wetsuit was developed, tested and raced directly with current elite triathletes to test and scrutinise its performance and abilities. We believe the YONDA Ghost wetsuit surpasses many of the other wetsuits which are available on the market, and even those at a higher price point due to its innovative high-performance design.


Here are a few of the great features of our YONDA Ghost Wetsuit…

Buoyancy: The most flexible Yamamoto #39 SCS Skin AERODOME is used on front chest and thigh to centralise the core and raising the hips. This allows for a perfect natural body roll when extending the arms into the catch and pull.

Comfort: We use Yamamoto #39 SCS Skin AERODOME for the chest and torso panels allowing flexibility to breathe easily by accentuating the lung area.

Technique: Yamamoto #40 SCS Skin AQUAPULL is used in the sleeve, wrist, and underarm areas - this is a super thin permeable fabric that is married to FASTDRY waterproof Lycra in the forearm. This creates a great feel in the water and makes the catch point more sensitive and allows for a stronger pull.

Speed: SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating on the outside reduces friction and increases your speed through the water.

Speed in Transition: Tested in the 2014 & 2015 World Series and British Super Series, the YONDA wetsuit proved to be very fast to take off in T1 where seconds make all the difference. The design of the YONDA Ghost wetsuit coupled with Yamamoto #39 SCS Skin in the calf area allows for the suit to be kicked off fast! Competition is all about marginal gains and we believe that your suit should never slow you down in a triathlon.


But you don’t have to hear it from us, Take a look at what our YONDA Ghost Wetsuit customers say below…

“Crikey Angus, when you said the Ghost was fast you weren’t wrong! I’ve just taken it for it’s first test in the pool and it was incredible!”

  • Henry Irvine, Triathlete.


“It’s the most comfortable, flexible suit I’ve ever worn”

  • Zoe Thomas, YONDA Ghost enthusiast


“These are just some of the great features I’ve noticed since wearing the Ghost…

There’s little or no chaffing around the neck, it fits like a glove, no excess water in your wetsuit, great flexibility around the shoulders, all the support in the right areas. Feels like swimming down hill and it’s super easy to get off!”

  • Han Lee, Triathlete


To Buy or see the full specification of the YONDA Ghost wetsuit, click here!

The YONDA team are also set to be at several events over the upcoming triathlon season as well as appearing at some open water swim sessions. If you would like to meet with us, try on the Ghost wetsuit and compare it to the Spirit yourself – check out our Social Media or get in touch with angus@yondasports.com


Go Further, Go YONDA!

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