Do you love YONDA?

We know that our friends, Yondaletes and fans all LOVE Yonda. So much so that they've taken the time to leave some kind words on our social media. Take a look at what they had to say below, or find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!   "So after I put on here yesterday that I had got a new ghost2 #yondersport wetsuit yesterday a few ppl me asked me to tell them what it’s like. First of all it doesn’t make you better at selfies!!!! If you know me, you know I’m a complete nerd when it comes to design and technology so straight out of the box this wetsuit got me excited. There are flexible panels on the sides and lower back made out of a material I’ve never seen before on any other wetsuit. The arms feel smooth and sleek. A feature I don’t think any other wetsuit manufacture has thought of is making the panel between your legs thin and flexible, in fact it’s that flexible you could breast stroke or even run in this suit no problems.  Now you think well it’s that thin it’s not going to keep you warm, well you would be wrong #manverslake was a barmy 15c today. Even with the thinner panel between the legs it didn’t feel any colder. Once swimming you can feel the buoyancy on the legs kick in. Now in previous wetsuits I have always felt I have had to fight the wetsuit to get enough hip rotation not to swim flat backed. This has lead to lower back ache on longer swims. Because of the new thin panels I can rotate properly like I would skin swimming or in the pool. The neck is still made so you don’t have to apply any wetsuit lube on. All in all felt a very natural swim which is in fact as mad as cheese as I was in a wetsuit. The new ghost2 still has the slick lining for it to glide straight off which helps in car park changing as we are in the times we are in! You can tell with this wetsuit Angus knows his onions with material technology and you can’t call the ghost2 just another wetsuit because it isn’t. I’ve swam in others and was only repairing a friends well known brands top of the range wetsuit last night which sell for £500. It’s just not the same completely different technology."  - Tina Oakes      "First swim in my new suit and can not fault it 1 bit. Been a while since I’ve swam due to lockdown etc but after I got my breathing sorted the suit felt smooth through the water with great buoyancy balance! 100% will be recommending Yonda to everyone. It wasn’t just the suit that was great but the customer service from Angus was outstanding! Great product! Great fit! Awesome customer service! Could not ask for anything better" - Jamie Snarski              "Been waiting a while to post this, but the time has come. After a dreadful experience with a high-end suit from a competitor brand (which may as well have been made of tissue paper) I was very nervous about shelling out on a Yonda. But the customer service to help me get the right size was phenomenal - despite lockdown. I’ve done four full sessions in my Spirit II now. It was brilliant first time out but has ‘relaxed’ a bit since and is now even better - supple and flexible but robust, buoyant but not uncomfortably so, and so quick to take off. I’m so impressed I can’t imagine how the Ghost II is any better... I won’t buy a wetsuit from another brand from now on." - Dan Blackburn
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